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Magic Growing Water Ball(Buy 3 Free Shipping)

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  • 200,000 PCS water beads per package
  • 2.2LB in weight
  • 10000 PCS could fill 24-30 us gallons in volume
  • 120000 PCS could fill a 445 us galons pool
  • Fully expanded, smooth, water beads create a soothing tactile experience. Please note children under the age of 3 should play under the supervision of their parents.

            • [Value Pack] 40,000 PCS large quantity package, 4-times more than normal package, high quality crystal water gel beads (rainbow mix).
            • [Environmental Friendly] Made of absorbent polymer. Non-fade, non-toxic,100% biodegradable, non-flammable. It starts as tiny hard ball but will become bouncy beautiful jelly beads after soaking in the water for 4-6 hours.

              • [Skills and Confidence Building] Motor skills are some of the first skills that children learn. Playing games with some educational benefit from the educational sensory toys inspires kids' hands-eye cooperation, imaginative play, and can rich interaction, develop and improve various valuable skills.

              • [Ammo For Water Gun] Water gel beads can absorb water and reach to 0.35- 0.43 inch. The size is smaller than a marble, suitable for most water guns that use 9-11mm/0.35- 0.43 inch bullets .The beads are soft and safe, but please don't aim at the companion's face in order to prevent eye injuries.You can enjoy water gun competition and share happiness with your family and friends.

              • [Ideal for centerpieces] Floral design, weddings, home or plant decoration, vase filler, showers parties etc. We suggest placing the beads in a sensory box, glass vase, jar or transparent container. In addition, please store beads away from direct sunlight.


                ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLY MATERIAL: Our water beads are made of absorbent polymer, non-fade, non-toxic,100% biodegradable, non-flammable, safe for children and adults to play.
                VALUE PACK: 40,000pcs water beads, 2.2 lb in weight, multi-colored, 1 pack for economical purchase.


                GEL SOFT BLASTER BULLETS - Suit for gel ball blaster toys using 9-11mm water beads, safe and non-threat.
                WATER BALLOON GAME - Best sensory summer cool and exciting fun game; Best stress relieve water balloon for relaxation and leisure toy.
                PLANT SOILLESS CULTIVATION - High water absorbing capacity, not easy to broken, long time water retaining to realize the soilless cultivation, to enjoy clean and convenient planting joy.
                VASE DECORATION - Put those expanding tranparent crystal water beads into your vase, your plants will look more vibrant and appealing in visual enjoyment. If with a beam of light in night, the secenery will be more amazing.
                ⁉⁉OTHER IDEAS?

                   TO BE CONTINUED!!!

                  Your imagination is infinite!
                  Let's enjoy the coloful life together this summer!

                  huge amount of water beads

                  🌈MULTI-FUNCTION Rainbow DIY Decoration
                  • Prepare an injector, one glass bottle
                  • Put the expanding water beads into the rejector by same color one after another
                  • Push the inflator and squeeze the orbeez
                  • Arrange the grind orbeez in rainbow order
                  • Wrap the bottle as a gift or decoration

                    how to make rainbow bottle

                    • Sensory Stress Relieve Water Balloon
                    • Put the dry gel balls into the balloon
                    • Fill the balloon with water from the tap
                    • Let the water beads soak in water balloon for about 3-4 hours
                    • Start the water balloon fight or relieve stress by squeezing the water beads as you want
                    DIY stress relieve balloon

                    🎄Soilless Gardening Crystal Mud Soil
                    • Super absorbent polymer material
                    • Our water beads could be used as a water-retaining agent for agriculture, garden and seedlings
                    • Flower/ Plants vase decoration, transperent colorful water beads cultivation

                                                                 soilless plant cultivation

                      CUSTOMER QUESTIONS & ANSWERS

                      Question:Can I use these beads 2 water my houseplants is it keep the plants watered a little bit longer?
                      Answer:Yes, I have 2 medium size pieces of bamboo in a vase near my window. They have grown and also are sprouting new branches. I add water when the beads start shrinking. Now I don’t think it would work if your plants are in dirt. The balls begin to shrink when the water evaporates from them.

                      Question:What are these made of ?
                      Answer:The beads are non-toxic and made of Sodium Polyacrylate the same compound as the absorbent part of a baby's diaper.

                      Question:How do i dispose of these?
                      Answer:You can dispose of water beads almost anywhere but the drain. If the soil in your yard requires watering, work water beads into it as they'll help retain moisture for when it's needed. Otherwise, the trash is probably the best place for them. For cleaning up a mess of crushed ones, I used a dry paper towel or two to gather most of the glob and put it in the trash. Then I used moist paper towels to gather the rest of the stray bits and put them in the trash. A few bits down the drain when rinsing your hands after clean up won't cause a problem, but large amounts, especially dehydrated, could definitely cause a problem (block it) because they'll expand with the addition of water going down the drain. I used a broom and dustpan to sweep up a few dozen that went bouncing all over the floor. If I ever get a large quantity loose on the floor, I think I'd try a wet dry vac, and to remove them from a pool or bathtub full of water, I'd try a strainer to gather them before draining the tub. Hope this helps!

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